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Dosage Cup with Spoon


with embossed visually accurate measurement markings, our Dosage Cups with Spoons designed for easy dosage & administration of medication

    Product Details

  • Capacities: 30 ml , 15ml.  Markings are in milliliters (mL), in response to regulatory guidance

  • embossed visually accurate measurement and avoid printing for improved part recycle possibility and environmental requirements.

  • our cups with spoons washable and reusable, unlike any other products found on the market   

  • Dosing of liquids, granules, micro-granules etc.

  • Ergonomic container and handle: easy to dose, handle & clean & easily dosage administration.

  • Particularly suitable for pediatric use (Due to the rounded edge on the front edge of the spoon to protect the child's lips, in addition to the possibility of stability standing away from pollution until the child is prepared.)

  • Bio Material or Standard material: PS, PP, color transparent

  • Options upon request: with customized markings, logo, etc.

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