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Medicaplastic a Sweden based company

offer innovative dosing Systems & development dosing solutions for liquid-drug, with a history of innovative patents.

Medicaplastic /Kalla Plastic before has been forging ahead for over 18 years now, thanks to people with scientific passion and expertise who laid the foundation of our reputation, to become a specialist of Pharmaceutical & medical plastic and dosing solutions for the pharmaceutical industries.

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Human awareness of the environment and our influence on it has increased dramatically in recent times. As a result we are questioning what we can do to mitigate our impact on the environment.

We look at environmental issues as a natural part of our business,and believe that bioplastics are a major driver in the evolution of plastics and that they contribute significantly to a more sustainable society. 

We have also started to produce products with bio-plastic; plastic extracted from eg sugar cane or other starchy plants. We always strive to buy the best product from an environmental point of view, sort our residual products so that they can be recycled to the greatest possible extent, choosing the best possible transport for deliveries.

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