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Closures -Caps

These caps are specifically designed and possess embossed directions for application and removal.

These caps are designed using the special technology of pushing the cap up and then opening the bottle as a child’s general tendency is to turn the cap to open. The caps are also available with pilfer proof rings.

salient features of our child proof caps

  • We offer the broad range of capacities available in 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 33mm, 38mm,45mm.

  • Our Child proof Caps are crafted with advanced technique therefore are tamper proof.

  • Our child lock caps are perfect in offering product integrity.

  • These child proof caps are designed with the brevity of giving adequate gripping and high end durability.

  • We offer customizable solutions for huge orders.

  • Our child proof caps have instilled features of pilfer proof rings.

  • Markings embossed on our CRC caps are clearly visible.

Why are we eminent leaders in Screw Caps compared to Competitors.

  • We have a forte in handling even the bulk requirements with pro ease.

  • We believe in evolving with technology. As experienced players in the markets, we help clients to avail Screw Caps in different sizes and shapes.

  • Our Screw Caps do have defined features.

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